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Why Hollywood babes fall for FLIRTY OLD MEN.

CATHERINE ZETA JONES wowed Edinburgh this week when she turned up at the premiere of her new movie Entrapment with Hollywoodveteran Michael Douglas.

The 29-year-old Welsh beauty just can't keep her hands off Douglas, 54, who is old enough to be her father.

Britain's Darling Bud said:"Wehiditforso long,butnowit'soutinthe open."

And is if one golden oldie wasn't enough for the girl, she had sexy senior citizen Sean Connery hanging off the other arm. He's her co-star in Entrapment where there's a whole lot of lovin' going on, too.

In the movie, 68-year-old Sean swoops and dangles on skyscrapers as a daring cat burglar. Though one observer remarked: "He ain't Spiderman anymore!"

But he can still cut the mustard as a leading man - when he gets Miss Jones to let down her hair.

Sean is far too fly to enter into explicit bedroom athletics. But he vibrates with sexual chemistry without getting undressed.

That's more than you can say for some of the ageing Hollywood Lotharios, who think sell-by dates don't apply to them. Other sixty-somethings have curvy co-stars who could be their daughters... or granddaughters.

Clint Eastwood has always denied ever having a facelift but, according to a new book, he got heavily involved in a "life extensions" plan as he neared 50.

The list of nutrients, vitamins and pharmaceuticals he took to hold age at bay could have filled a supermarket. And it all backfired!

With clefts like canyons and skin stretched like parchment over his Mount Rushmore cheekbones, Clint was already looking past it as an ageing burglar in Absolute Power. By the time he was chatting-up a dolly bird (Mary McCormack) about one third his age in True Crime, he was DECREPIT. Now 69, he looks about 10 years older.

Several other big stars are beginning to fray around the edges too.

You won't spot a zimmer parked outside Warren Beatty's bedroom door... yet. But he was beginning to look a bit rheumy in Bulworth.

Thesatiricalmovie was first-rate but the notion that spitfire sexpot Halle Berrycould fall for an ageing politician with a face like an old tyre was a bit hard to swallow.

DustinHoffman steeredclearofthe dolly-birdtrapin Outbreakby making forty- something Rene Russo his love interest.

But Dusty, 60, was more disaster-man than action-man as a miscast superhero.

Robert Redford, another ageingstar,washottotrot during filming of The Horse Whisperer as he pursued leading lady Kristin Scott Thomas. Such was the chemistry between them that whisperings - and not about the horses - became rife on set.

Well into his 50s, Jack Nicholson is still game for romance, but the knock-back he got from Latin sexpot Jennifer Lopez must have given him food for thought.

When they were making Blood and Wine, Jack had a chat-up line about being "too old" for her. "Oh no," she reassured him. "You can easily get a girl my age... but not ME."

Nicholson will probably become one of the select band of stars who improve with age - Humphrey Bogart, Lee Marvin, Robert Duvall, Dennis Hopper, Helen Mirren, Jessica Tandy.

Meanwhile, a lot of women would agree with Andie MacDowell when she says: "I think we need some chemistry equality in Hollywood. You see so many older actors with younger babes. So why not put me with Leonardo DiCaprio...

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Author:Marshall, Alasdair
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 4, 1999
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