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Why FAAN Debtors Should Emulate NAHCO.

The recent decision of the new management of Nigerian Aviation Handling Company otherwise known as Nahcoaviance under the leadership of Mrs Tokunbo Fagbemi is a good way of doing business.

In any business, there are two sides that determine the success or otherwise of that business. In other words, there are rules set down for the two major players consisting of the service provider and the clients on how to reach the end of their goals.

For the service provider, its target is to provide adequate and satisfactory services to its clients who in turn pays for such services while on the other hand, the client expects the best service from the service provider in commensurate with the money the client pays for the service.

Again, the two key players need each other to grow or survive in the course of the journey as storms or challenges are bound to come the way of either side which may if not carefully managed may lead to the collapse of any of them.

While the act of owing or indebtedness cannot be eradicated in serious businesses like airlines, ground handling and aviation in general in view of the huge capital involved, one obvious component required from both sides especially on the part of the client is trust.

Meaning, a service provider should be able to vouch for a client when the issue of indebtedness arises as this shows the level of integrity needed in any serious business.

Therefore, the resolve by the Nahcoaviance management as a client to come forward to not only meet the management of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), as a service provider to reconcile their account with a promise to commence payment of the outstanding debts incurred by the past managements of the handling company is a sign of integrity which deserves commendation.

Since Nahcoaviance has set this good example, it behooves other firms that are hugely indebted to FAAN to take a queue from Nahcoaviance by coming froward to redeem their image by paying for the services the organization has rendered them.

It is sad that it is only in this clime that private investors want to enjoy free services without wanting to pay for such especially if such services is coming from a government owned agency like FAAN.

From all indications, FAAN is being owed accumulated billions of Naira by many of its clients which include; airlines and concessionaires.

Commenting on the huge indebtedness, the General Manager, Corporate Communications at FAAN, Mrs Henrietta Yakubu while commending the Nahcoaviance for its sincerity, appealed to others still indebted to the organization to follow the footstep of the handling company to pay their debts.

To make the payment convenient for the debtor companies, Yakubu advised them to come forward to reconcile their transaction books with the authority and arrange for payment schedule.

That the authority even allows for instalmental payment is a good business strategy as this will still keep the clients in business just as the willingness of the clients to comply with the payment schedule will also keep FAAN in business.

The time has come for the various clients transacting one business or the other with FAAN and other government agencies in the sector to turn a new leaf as many of them have become perpetual debtors even when they can service such debts they just would not bulge which is a form of corruption.

In a normal business clime, you are expected to pay for the service you enjoy if not out rightly, you are allowed to stagger such payment in other not to collapse the business of your service provider.

Here, the major responsibility of FAAN include: making the airports infrastructure comfortable for aviation businesses which consist of making the structures safe, secure and of expected standards which requires a lot of funds to train the personnel in FAAN, acquire facilities and for maintenance without which the clients cannot enjoy a friendly business environment.

Just as the managing director of FAAN, Alhaji Saleh Dunoma has said, the willingness of the Nahcoaviance management to service its debts will not only help grow the mutual beneficial relationship between the two but help both organizations grow in leaps and bounds to improve airports operations especially with regards to cargo handling around the nation's airports, the time has come for the debtors of FAAN to learn to pay for the services they enjoy according to the rules guiding and guarding business. FAAN must not be allowed to collapse. The debtors should consider the fate of thousands of Nigerians working at the organization and their family members.
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Publication:Nigerian Tribune (Oyo State, Nigeria)
Date:Feb 28, 2019
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