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Why Cameron is not the man for trade job.

THE news that David Cameron has been appointed the leadman for the UK-China investment vehicle gives me no confidence that this tax-funded initiative will provide any major benefit for the UK, but most probably a great deal of benefit for China.

I say this as Cameron has no experience of either running a large international trading company or a creative innovative institution.

For in the trading world it will not be political brains that forge dynamic economies as they haven't any idea how to achieve this prerequisite in reality and where history has continually recorded this fact, but others.

In this respect, the real deal will come from those countries that capture the high technology markets of the future.

Unfortunately that is something that politicians do not understand and have not a clue about as they do not predominantly come from the sectors that create and deal with global trade.

Whitehall is there, of course, but in reality it is 'dead wood' when it comes to advising politicians on how to initiate a dynamic future economy.

For history has clearly shown time and time again this fact, with the continual state of our increasing debt ridden economy and where they have never had the answers in reality.

Indeed, not until politicians and Whitehall listen to 'new' ideas and thinking outside the confines of their own selfimposed constraints, will anything like Cameron's remit ever succeed.

That is a fact that history has shown continually. For they never look at the fundamental level and where all great technological industries are born. In this respect it is the 'seeds' of a future dynamic economy that they miss consistently and basically from the Prime Minister down, have no idea what I am talking about here and why we shall never have a pre-eminent economy until the penny drops.

But I doubt that this will ever happen with the insular thinking mindsets of our politicians and Whitehall who only look at mundane, bog standard, don't rock the boat, steady state thinking.

A dynamic future economy; I doubt that this will ever be a reality with the current establishment organ grinders in charge and that, unfortunately, for the British people will be seen as a fact of life.

Dr David Hill CEO World Innovation Foundation

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Dec 19, 2017
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