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Why Birds Do That.

Why Birds Do That

Michael Furtman

Willow Creek Press

PO Box 147, Minocqua WI 54548

1595430598 $15.95 1-800-850-9453

Birds provide endless fascination with their evocative songs, their complex and occasionally comical behavior, their variety, and their seasonal comings and goings. Why Birds Do That: A Collection Of Curious Avian Exploits by nature writer and photographer Michael Furtman explains forty distinctive bird behaviors. Enhanced with more than one hundred color photographs and very highly recommended for ornithology students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in bird behavior, Why Birds Do That explains why birds sing; why the singing principally takes place in the morning; why males of many species sport bright colors; why some birds hatch naked, while others come with thick and fluffy coats of down; and other common (and not-so-common) questions concerning the birds we see in our backyards, our farms and fields, our meadows, glens and forests.
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Author:Buhle, Willis M.
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Date:Dec 1, 2004
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