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Why Bernie Sanders Will Win Texas.

Bernie Sanders, a Jewish socialist, stands a very good chance of winning Texas on Super Tuesday. As in the rest of the country, the Vermont senator's success is proof that the center no longer holds, not in politics nor in life more generally. Theres no better place to sample the incoherence of the present social mix than in Austin, the state capital, a wealthy creative center built on liberal exploitation of Texas' lack of an income tax and allergy to government involvement in much of anything.

On a Tuesday morning, out of the window of a Japanese coffee shop in an office complex in an old warehouse in east Austin, you can see a weedy meadow, rusty fences, and then a peloton of a dozen lycra'd-out cyclists speeding by low-slung houses built of time-beaten clapboard. This area east of I-35 was where redlining and a century of racist urban policy had shunted the city's African Americans and Latinos, a policy that depressed real estate values and created the conditions for hipsters and yuppies and techies to swoop in decades latermany of them coming from high-tax, bureaucratized coastal hellscapes like San Francisco, bringing their decidedly un-Texan politics along with them. Some 1,000 newcomers are said to arrive in the state every day.

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Author:Rosen, Armin
Publication:Tablet Magazine
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Date:Feb 28, 2020
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