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Why American Jews Should Vote in the World Zionist Congress Elections.

Progressive American Jews complain a lot about Israel, privately and to one another. When it comes to the water cooler or dinner table conversation, we wring our hands and get frustrated. We blame the Orthodox or political extremists or continued settlement expansion. Or, even worse, we give up the conversation all together, preferring to tune out and avoid a tiring internal conflict.

But 2015 is different. This year, if you are part of the million-and-a-half person strong U.S. Reform movement, there is no excuse. There is no more blaming the polarizing coerciveness of the Chief Rabbinate or the lack of separation of religion and state in Israel. Because this year, you actually can have a say in the shape of Israel's future. Before I elaborate, let's consider the facts:

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Author:Weinberg, Joshua
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Geographic Code:7ISRA
Date:Feb 23, 2015
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