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Whose body is it? Commercial Sex Work and the Law in Namibia.

Legal Assistance Centre

Prostitution, or sex work, is an issue that arouses strong feelings in Namibia. This report does not debate the moral aspects of sex work or argue that prostitution is right or wrong. Instead it provides comprehensive information from national and international sources as a basis for a more informed debate about sex work in Namibia, with an emphasis on the human rights aspects of the issue.

Beginning with, an explanation of basic terms and concepts and an overview of the topic, the report includes a chapter on the relevant international instruments such as CEDAW and the Beijing Platform for Action; a historical look at sex work in Namibia; the current legal position of sex work in Namibia; the findings of recent research on sex work in Namibia; legal approaches that have been taken in other countries; and sex work and HIV/Aids.

The report concludes with recommendations based on this comprehensive analysis and highlights issues for further discussion. A documentary film on sex work was produced by Quiet Storm Film Production to inform and accompany this report.

Legal Assistance Centre, Windhoek, 2002.
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Date:Oct 1, 2002
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