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Whoever wins, we lose.

Freddie Mac, the giant home mortgage institution, is a weird animal to begin with--privately owned, but government funded. It's either like a critter with two heads and no tail, or perhaps an animal with two big butts and no head. And now, you might say, the two heads are trying to bite each other.

The IRS says Freddie owes the Treasury Department $3 billion in back taxes. Freddie is fighting it. Both are represented by legions of taxpayer-paid lawyers. If Freddie wins, the taxpayers are out those $3 billion bucks. If the IRS wins, Freddie pays up with $3 billion dollars in taxpayer-paid bailout bucks.

Not surprisingly, attorneys for both sides--or butts--say it's extremely important that this case go on, no matter how long it takes or how much it runs up in legal expenses. They don't worry about costs, y'know. We pay them.
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Title Annotation:Back Blast & other hot gases
Comment:Whoever wins, we lose.(Back Blast & other hot gases)
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Nov 1, 2011
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