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Who listens?

* Reading Dan Morris-Young's article in your Dec. 7-20 issue on the Cardinal Newman Society, I was impressed most by his quote from University of San Francisco president Stephen Privett: "The real mystery is who in Rome listens to them and why?"

Who and why indeed? This sounds like an excellent basis for an article or series of investigative articles in NCR. Why does the Vatican prefer to listen to gossipy, backbiting, reputation-trashing, career-ruining opponents of Vatican II--which these complainers appear to believe is the only council in 2.000 years that has no authority?

If we're ignoring councils, I'd pick Trent or Vatican I any day.


Massillon, Ohio

* Jesuit Fr. Stephen Sundborg might have been speaking about the Cardinal Newman Society, but he voiced the feelings of many alienated Catholics toward the powers-that-be when he said: "We do not pay attention to them, give them credence, and they do not influence our decisions or policies."


Maui, Hawaii

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Date:Jan 18, 2013
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