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Who kills Frank? Rapist Frank finally gets his comeuppance and there are at least five suspects who want to see him dead...

Byline: Tony Stewart


Call it the curse of Carla Connor. For after the death of husband Paul in a car crash in June 2007, lover Liam mown down in a hit-andrun in October 2008, and fianc Tony Gordon barbecued in June 2010, yet another of her men comes to a grim end.

On Monday, Julie and Sean walk into the Underworld factory to discover Sally Webster leaning over Frank Foster's dead body... with blood on her hands and an ominous threat ringing in her ears.

"The last woman who crossed me, she lived to regret it," he admitted about raping Carla. "I'm just saying that when she tried to fight me, she bit off more than she could chew. Be warned." How h h h h ld d ironic then that he should end up with his arrogant head smashed in, so beginning another of Soapland's classic whodunnits.

And there are so many prime suspects that Helen Mirren's DCI Jane Tennison would struggle to find the killer. After discovering that Frank had cheated Carla out of her own factory with secret lover Jenny Sumner, there's a huge row that afternoon as Peter, Carla, Sally and Michelle go on the attack, with only loyal mum Anne taking Frank's side.

With Corrie on a ratingswinning high, these promise to be yet more gripping episodes as Frank threatens to rape Carla again, Michelle is furious with him, Barlow the boozer goes on a bender, Sally's humiliated - and her ex-husband Kevin promises to avenge her good name. Ha!

Peter and Carla provide false alibis for each other, but the police take him in for questioning. When they discover the murder weapon is a whisky bottle, perhaps they'll throw away the key. Uh-oh.

MICHELLE CONNOR MOTIVE: Loathes Frank for brutally attacking Maria, raping Carla and trying to steal the factory from her. ODDS SHE DUNNIT: 20/1

PETER BARLOW MOTIVE: A violent drunk who wants revenge on Frank for raping Carla and ruining their life together. ODDS HE DUNNIT: 2/1

CARLA CONNOR MOTIVE: A bitter and angry woman after seeing Frank go free and then try to cheat her out of her business. ODDS SHE DUNNIT: 3/1

KEVIN WEBSTER MOTIVE: Furious over the way that Frank has treated ex-wife Sally, another hothead prone to violence. ODDS HE DUNNIT: 15/1

SALLY WEBSTER MOTIVE: Stood by Frank during his trial, but has been cruelly used and publicly humiliated and wants revenge. ODDS SHE DUNNIT: 10/1


ROW: Anne, Sally, Michelle, Peter and Carla in the factory VICIOUS: Frank threatens Carla BLOODY DISCOVERY: Sally with Frank's body QUESTIONED: Peter in custody
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 3, 2012
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