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Who is top for romance?

SCOTS are tops for holiday romances, according to a survey.

Not only are Scots the most likely to get amorous abroad but they are also the ones most likely to have a one-night stand while away, the poll found.

The next group most likely to have a holiday romance is the Welsh, while those least likely to find love abroad are those from the Midlands.

A total of 1,128 people took part in the survey from social media site and spa resort Stobo Castle.

Overall, more than half had had holiday romances and 30% had had a one-night stand on a trip.

While only 2% said they actively looked for love while away, 63% thought it possible to find romance once they got there.

France was seen as the most romantic destination followed by Venice and Barbados, with Ibiza the least romantic overseas destination and Blackpool the least romantic UK holiday spot.

For men, the ideal holiday romance partner would be TV presenter Holly Willoughby while women's most-preferred partner would be Prince Harry.


Finding love on holiday
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Date:Aug 10, 2013
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