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Who is extreme?

I just read a letter from a reader who called E "extreme" five separate times (Advice and Dissent, May/June 2005). I totally disagree. Claiming that environmentalists base decisions "on emotion" and "disregard science" is an opinion that I find extreme. Conservatives often say that liberals in general are too emotional on issues. But most of us use reason, the legacy of the Enlightenment, to decide where we stand. We base our stances on science and the prevailing knowledge of the day. The pillage-and-pollute crowd base their stands on fear and hatred. They say that alternative fuels, for instance, are bad for the economy. But cutting pollution and developing low-emission energy sources would jump-start the economy by creating jobs.

I applaud E's efforts to educate people. We cannot continue to increase global warming by using fossil fuels. We have hit "peak oil." The oil supply will decline, driving the prices up. We need alternatives to fossil fuel if we are to survive as a planet. We have to change our habits.

Sanda Oslin

Sturgeon Lake, MN
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Title Annotation:ADVICE & DISSENT: Letters from our readers
Author:Oslin, Sanda
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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