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Who can not be a parliamentary candidate in Iran?


Iranian MPs have determined officials and representatives who can not nominate their candidacy for parliamentary elections, Trend reports referring to Tasnim News Agency.

231 parliamentarians participated in the voting on the project for candidacy in parliamentary elections, with 186 voting for, 15 against, and 15 abstaining.

Thus, officials holding the following positions can not nominate their candidacy for the position of deputy (Note: they may nominate their candidacy if they have resigned 6 months prior to the electoral registration and did not work in that position):

1. President, deputies and advisers

2. Chairperson, secretary and deputy chairpersons of the Advisory Council

3. Advisors to vice presidents

4. Heads of legislative, executive and judicial branches

5. Ministers and heads of ministries

6. Deputy ministers and advisors

7. General directors and heads of ministries, heads of departments of ministries

8. Chief Justice, deputy Chief Justice and advisors of the Judiciary

9. Chief of the Supreme Court of Iran, along with the deputy chief and advisors

10. Prosecutor general, deputy prosecutor general and advisors

11. Chairperson, deputy chairperson and advisors of the administrative Court of Justice

12. Chairperson, deputy chairperson and advisors of the General Inspection Office

13. Chairperson and deputy chairpersons of the Supreme Audit Court of Iran

14. Prosecutor of the Supreme Audit Court

15. Chiefs, commanders, directors of head offices, substitutes and deputies of the Iranian Armed Forces

16. Chairperson and deputies of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)

17. Chairperson and deputies of the Iranian Red Crescent Society

18. Provincial governor-generals, county governors

19. Chairpersons and heads of state organizations

20. University rectors (public and private)

21. Rector of the Islamic Azad University

22. Directors of state-owned companies with nationwide authority, as well as members of the presidium

23. Bank directors, directors of financial institutions and board members

24. Governor, deputy governor and advisors of the Central Bank of Iran

25. Chairpersons and deputies of Mostazafin, Shahid, 15 Khordad, Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, Islamic Development Organization, chambers of commerce, along with the chairperson of the Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council and heads of the Supreme Council of Iran's Free Trade, Industrial and special economic zones

26. Employees of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense

27. Mayors, deputy mayors, heads of city and village councils

28. Members of the Guardian Council, members of the Executive Board

29. Iranian ambassadors

The following persons may not nominate their candidacy for election in the territories of their jurisdiction:

1. Deputy provincial governor generals and advisors

2. Deputy county governors

3. Directors of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Centers

4. Heads of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture and cooperation chambers.

5. Directors, heads and deputies of all provincial offices and departments

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Publication:Azer News (Baku, Azerbaijan)
Geographic Code:7IRAN
Date:Mar 5, 2019
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