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Byline: Richard Hammond

THIS beast is the Pagani Huayra, the supercar that's going to replace Pagani's current Zonda.

You might have seen the Pagani Zonda on Top Gear.

It's powered by a monstrously powerful Mercedes engine, looks amazing and has an even more outrageous cockpit, like something out of Flash Gordon.

It's not easy to start a new car firm from scratch - it's about as easy as developing a manned flight to Mars programme from your garden shed.

But a bloke called Horacio Pagani did just that about 10 years ago (start a car company, not a Mars programme).

He found enough people who had bundles of cash and who wanted something a bit different to the common-or-garden Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

But back to the Huayra. Like the Zonda it has Merc power in its tail.

This time it's an AMG developed twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 that's the same engine used in Mercedes's Black Series SL65.

The engine produces a monstrous 700bhp but Mr Pagani will sell you a Sport version with 730bhp if that's not enough for you.

Pagani has carried out some testing and word is 230mph and 0-60mph in 3.3sec is possible.


The Huayra is fitted with a seven-speed paddle shift gearbox made by British firm Xtrac.

The interior is typically wacky Pagani, but said to be more comfortable for long journeys and boasts Bluetooth, sat nav and other luxury kit.

The really revolutionary part about the Huayra is its aerodynamic bodyshell.

You know if you're seated above an airliner's wing you can see the flaps winding out to increase the wing's lift and therefore allow the aeroplane to fly more slowly? The Pagani has a similar device to produce downforce when more grip is needed.

The car is fitted with four moveable flaps, one at each corner of the car, that automatically kick in depending on whether the car is accelerating, braking or cornering.

The suspension is also adjustable, or to be precise, the front ride height is adjustable so you can raise it for getting down your driveway and lower it for highspeed driving.

And there's more cleverness from the new Huayra.

The chassis is made from carbon fibre, like a Formula One car, but it also contains titanium which is more forgiving and allows the chassis to have a bit of flex.

The doors are gull wings that open upwards like on the Mercedes SLS, and are also made of carbon fibre.


That covers all the details. All you've got to do now is find an empty autobahn or a private race track so that you can give this brute the berries.

That might be easier than finding the pounds 1m that Pagani wants for each example.


HIGH TECH The Huayra's cabin has modern features such as Bluetooth, while the chassis blends titanium with carbon fibre WINGED WONDER: The Pagani Huayra body boasts gull wing doors and flaps to boost downforce
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 4, 2011
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