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Who Says Outsourcing Doesn't Pay?

In this fast-paced Information Age, association executives need every possible tool to keep their shows fresh, their participants and exhibitors happy, and to stay a step ahead of their many competitors--all while keeping costs under control.

Timely, efficient, and cost-effective dissemination of show-related information--before, during, and after the event--is crucial to any show's success. But all too often, the task of disseminating information--through convention newspapers, exhibit guides, conference programs, and Web sites--is assigned to staff members with little time to manage large publishing projects. Also, with little or no sales support available, association executives simply accept that those projects will be a financial drain on the bottom line.

Help is here. Hundreds of executives have learned that it IS possible to produce quality convention publications and Web sites without tying up an overworked staff--and they can CREATE REVENUE doing it.

These executives are outsourcing some or all of their convention publishing needs. Custom publishing houses can handle different types of event-related publishing, and help ensure that the projects get done right, on time, and on budget.

Custom Publishing Options

Atwood Publishing, LLC, has been helping association executives handle their publishing and promotions needs for nearly 19 years. Atwood was among the first to produce live convention daily newspapers, and to this day is the most prolific producer of daily newspapers. But convention dailies are just one piece of the custom-publishing pie at Atwood.

Atwood's ever-expanding information product line includes:

* Live, on-site daily newspapers (print and/or on the Web)

* Pre-event attendance-building newspapers

* Post-show "highlights" newspapers

* Show guides

* Buyer's guides

* Directories

* Membership directories

* Association magazines and journals

* Advertising sales

Best of all, association executives can put their trust in one, single information provider because they know that the publishing team at Atwood will handle ALL aspects of publishing, information gathering, and dissemination. The association still "owns" the information and has final approval over all projects, but it can rest easy, knowing that Atwood will handle all of the details.

Perhaps the most amazing part about outsourcing all these details is that it is so cost-effective. Outsourcing frees up countless hours among the association's staff, and in many cases, the association can actually increase revenue by outsourcing.

Atwood Publishing has a professional, aggressive telemarketing and sales team that specializes in selling advertising for the publications and projects they provide for associations. A portion of the revenue is returned to the association or event as a royalty So instead of spending thousands of dollars to get information into participants' hands, an association can now offer daily newspapers, show guides, directories, and even Web sites --and can increase profitability

No job is too complicated for the staff at Atwood, The company has provided convention publications for a broad range of industries including medical, technology, communication, gifts, apparel, sports, gaming, education, transportation, agriculture, food service, and hardware, to name a few Executives at many of the world's largest associations and trade shows have teamed with Atwood to produce exceptional communication and marketing tools. And dozens of Fortune 500 companies have used Atwood's publications and services to target marketing messages to niche markets.
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