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Who's the next George Clooney?

EVER Since George Clooney hung up his stethoscope and quit E.R., the role of sexiest medic on TV has been up for grabs.

With home-grown favourites like Casualty and its spin-off Holby City - and new medical must-views like Life Support and Always And Everywhere filling our screens - the competition for TV's most drop-dead gorgeous doctor is intense.

Here we've listed who we think are the candidates to take on Clooney's crown.

And they're not all in shows that revolve around an A and E department.

The soaps are putting forward their own contenders to rival King George...


REAL NAME: Michael French.

PLAYS: Nick Jordan, Surgical Registrar.

AGE: 34.

ON SCREEN: Handsome, talented, hot-headed and passionate. Married, but separated.

OFF SCREEN: Before this role, played David Wicks in EastEnders. Is currently single.

SAYS: "The only time I've spent in hospital is when I fell out of a window at 18 months old. It was really traumatic for my mother and father."

RATING: Dark, brooding, sexy. If your heart needs attention Nick Jordan's the man. 8/10


REAL NAME: Jimi Mistry.

PLAYS: Dr Fred Fonseca.

AGE: 31 on screen, 26 off.

ON SCREEN: Set to disappoint his female patients by admitting that he's gay. However, Dot Cotton's taken a shine to him.

OFF SCREEN: A graduate of the Birmingham School Of Speech And Drama, he learned his bedside manner from father Chandra - a real-life doctor.

SAYS: "I get loads of letters, but I want people to appreciate me for my acting."

RATING:: Gorgeous - but who can waste time fancying someone who bats for the other side? Shame. 4/10


REAL NAME: Sean Wilson.

PLAYS: Nurse Martin Platt.

AGE: 32.

ON SCREEN: Toy-boy husband of Gail Tilsley. Whether it's saving Les Battersby's life, or dealing with other Street emergencies, he is always there.

OFF SCREEN: Married with an 18-month-old son, Callum. A devoted Manchester United fan and keen fisherman.

SAYS: "The only problem is that people expect me to have medical knowledge outside The Street - which I don't."

RATING: Always on hand for medical emergencies, but very much under Gail's thumb. 6/10.


REAL NAME: Robert Gwilym.

PLAYS: Consultant Max Gallagher.

AGE: 41.

ON SCREEN: Not the typical public schoolboy consultant, but his professionalism has destroyed his marriage. Separated with one son, who is a drug addict.

OFF SCREEN: Married to Dutch-born wife Ellis with a nine-year-old son, Samuel.

SAYS: "Researching for the part I saw real consultants couldn't be emotionally involved. That's why Max is sometimes not openly sympathetic."

RATING: Bit of a loner who looks like he could do with a good cuddle. 7/10


REAL NAME: Timothy Deeniham.

PLAYS: Dr Darren Roebuck.

AGE: 29.

ON SCREEN: A "Flexie" - the Nineties equivalent of a yuppie. Has bedded a string of woman.

OFF SCREEN: American-born Tim is married with two young daughters. Has a special interest in armed combat.

SAYS: "It's a great part. Yuppies were into possessions. Flexies are into experiences of life."

RATING: Sends pulses racing. You know he's been around, but isn't a bragger. Out of 10, I'd give him one. Whoops, sorry, that should read 10/10.


REAL NAME: Art Malik.

PLAYS: Dr Kamran Blake.

AGE: 47 (44 on screen).

ON SCREEN: Has a reputation as a bit of a ladies man. Married to glamorous French dentist Monique. No children.

OFF SCREEN: Son of a real-life eye surgeon, Art is married with two children.

SAYS: "One of the joys of being an actor is saying lines that you know, if heard from a real person, you would hate him!"

RATING: A bit insensitive and arrogant, but you can't help but fall for those brooding good looks. 7/10.
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 8, 1999
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