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Who's the Queen of the soaps?; Meet the hot contenders.

Switch on any of our top soaps now and you'll find some of the most stunning girls on TV.

We've picked out some of our favourites to decide who's the Sexiest Soap Queen of 1997.

Standing for Coronation Street is Tina Hobley - the Rovers Return's sultry Samantha Failsworth.

Down in the East End of London, the candidate is Martine McCutcheon, the Queen Vic's tarty Tiff. Meanwhile, Brookside's beautiful blonde Helen Grace, who plays Georgia Simpson, is in the running for her stunning looks. Across the Pennines, Emmerdale star Malandra Burrows, farming beauty Kathy Glover, is also a hot favourite.

Finally, running for Neighbours is former model Emma Harrison, who plays Ramsay Street's latest siren Joanna Hartman.

Here we meet all five of the contestants and award them marks out of ten in the battle for the title.


Martine McCutcheon, 20.

Sex appeal: Curvy Martine has graced many a magazine cover since joining the Square as tarty Tiff.

Lovelife on screen: Pregnant Tiffany has been booted out by new husband Grant Mitchell after she admitted that the baby might be her gay ex-boyfriend Tony's.

Lovelife off screen: Just as tangled. Martine split from DJ boyfriend Gareth Cooke last year - five months after announcing their engagement. She's since been linked to her co-star Paul Nicholls, Simply Red's Mick Hucknall and Hollyoaks star Will Mellor.




Malandra Burrows, 29.

Sex appeal: Malandra plays the grieving widow of Dave Glover who this week perished in a fire.

Lovelife on screen: Even as she grieves, Kathy is relieved to be out of her troubled marriage.

Lovelife off screen: Wannabe pop star Malandra called off her wedding to graphic designer boyfriend Jonathan Armstead because of a busy work schedule. She says: "He was upset initially, but he realised there was nothing I could do about it.

"It didn't change anything between us though. We're still madly in love. All we've done is postpone the day it happens."




Helen Grace, 26.

Sex appeal: An affair with her on-screen brother Nat, played by John Sandford, has made Helen Grace one of the small-screen sensations of 1996.

But the star, who recently appeared in Vogue magazine, admits she is struggling to cope with the notoriety her big break has brought her.

Lovelife on screen: Since her pregnancy scare, troubled Georgia has tried to cool her relationship with her brother. She seeks solace with neighbour Peter Phelan, played by Samuel Kane, to Nat's annoyance.

Lovelife off screen: Londoner Helen has been dating Edinburgh-based actor Jamie Sives.




Emma Harrison, 22.

Sex appeal: The former pin-up model was drafted in when soap siren Kimberley Davies left Neighbours.

Emma plays Kimberley's equally-stunning long lost sister Joanna Hartman.

Lovelife on screen: She married a hunky millionaire on Boxing Day, before that she was romancing her sister's ex-fiance.

Lovelife off screen: Stunning Emma is single - but insists she is far too busy having fun to think about settling down. "I love being single," she says. "I much prefer going out on the town with the girls, it's more fun. I think you can easily lose your individuality in a relationship."




Tina Hobley, 25.

Sex appeal: "I suggested the red hair. I've always been a brunette and didn't fancy being a blonde," says Tina. "Samantha just throws on a T- shirt and leathers and is ready for action."

Lovelife on screen: Biker chick Samantha is single but Street bosses plan a major storyline for her. An executive says: "Tina is one of our secret weapons for the new year."

Lovelife off screen: Tina is looking for a new lovenest with her advertising designer boyfriend Steve Wallington.


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