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Who's who in pharmaceutical industry.

The following pages included life sketches of some prominent Chief Executives of Pharmaceutical Companies

Mr. Juergen A. W. Krueger, Managing Director of Hoechst Pakistan Limited, was born on 9th March, 1950, in Mainz, Germany. He graduated from the University of Heidelberg with a Business Administration degree. In 1978 he joined Hoechst AC, Frankfurt, in the Audit Department, and was posted thereafter to Hoechst Morocco, Casablanca, as the Finance and Administration Director (in 1983). On completion of his assignment in Morocco, he was appointed in 1987 on the Staff Department of the Hoechst Board, Frankfurt, and was assigned "Strategic Planning for Agro and Pharma". In 1988 he was posted to Hoechst Taiwan Co. Ltd. as the General Manager and was also a Board Member in "Central Paints" Taiwan. Mr. Krueger is married and has a small son. He is interested in skiing and tennis and is a devoted family man.

Dr. Rashid Ahmad was born in 1929, and graduated with first class honours from the University of the Punjab in 1948. In 1950 he proceeded to the Imperial College of Science & Technology (London) on an 1851 Exhibition Fellowship. He was awarded Ph.D. (University of London) and Diploma Imperial College in 1952. Dr. Ahmad joined Glaxo Laboratories (Pakistan) Limited in 1953 as a management trainee and was later appointed a Director in 1969 and promoted to the post of Chief Executive in 1978.

Dr. Muhammad Salim Habib, Chairman & Managing Director, Wellcome Pakistan Limited, after B.Sc. (Hons) in 1955 from University of Punjab did his Ph.D. in 1959 from King's College, London. Later on completed A.R.I.C. & F.R.I.C. (FRSC) from Royal Institute of Chemistry, London. Dr. Habib also has post doctoral research experience to his credit. In London his research work was mainly concerned with potential anti-cancer agents. He was Fellow of University of London for six months. There is a detailed list of his publications and some of his research works have been published in books entitled "Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry" and "Chemisty of Hetercyclic N-oxides". Dr. Habib attended many conferences on Chemistry in New Mexico, France Japan, USA and Yugoslavia. Dr. Habib started his professional career as Chief Analyst in 1961 and rose to the position of Chairman and Managing Director of Wellcome Pakistan Limited in 1982. He was also President, Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Dr. Habib holds offices of different organisations like: President, Formanites Association of Pakistan, Member of Managing Committee of Karachi Boat Club, Trustee, KPT, Member, Management Committee FPCCI, Member, Board of Governors of the Foreign Trade Institute of 7 Pakistan, Member, Board of Governors of the PIM.

Aijaz K. Khan - Managing Director, Wyeth Laboratories (Pakistan) Ltd. Wyet is 70 per cent owned by American Home Products Corporation of Delaware USA. The company appeared in Top 75 companies table compiled by Economic Review in 1989. It pays regular dividends and cash dividend of 30 per cent was paid in 1991. He was also the Vice Chairman of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association for the year 1988-89. He has been associated with Wyeth Laboratories (Pak) Ltd. since 1966 and was appointed Managing Director in 1972. He was educated in Kanpur, Karachi and the UK. He has been member of Executive Committee of American Business Council and Chairman of Pharma Sub-Committee in American Business Council.

Mr. A. Haseeb Khan, the founder and Chief Executive of Brookes Pharmaceuticals Labs., was born on 6th February 1940 in Bhopal. An engineer by profession, he has rich experience in practical field. Mr. Khan is rightly known as "the man of acting" got Brookes manufacturing plant, completed in just 11 months with well equipped Production/QC/Warehouse/Storage facilities. In a very short span of time i.e. in just 4 years. Brookes is in no way less than a multinational company when it comes to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) standared. Today, Brookes can be compared to any multinational company and enjoys that reputation as well. We have recently signed an agreement with a multinational concern to manufacture their sophisticated range of products. Mr. Khan was also associated with PPMA as member of the executive committee for the year 1991.

Mr. Najam A. Khan, Chairman and Managing Director of Dutch multinational pharmaceutical company. Organon Pakistan (Private) Limited, is an eminent marketeer by education and profession. He did his M.S. in Pharmaceutical Marketing from LIU (BCP) from New York, USA. After completing his education in the late sixties, he joined WPIM (now PIM) as Senior Management Counsellor. Later, he joined the Pharmaceutical Industry, where, embarking on a career in marketing in the capacity of Manager/and later as Director in multinational groups like Merck Sharp & Dhome, May & Bayer and Boots, he gained the reputation of a leading troubleshooter in the field of marketing. He gathered a lot of marketing and management acumen by attending professional seminars in leading Marketing and Management Institutes in the UK and USA. He was also one of the founder-members of the Marketing Association of Pakistan and its Council, where he was elected as Council Member in 1968 and 1971. He also held the position of the Secretary of the Association during the year 1971. He is a frequent speaker at various economic and marketing forums in this country.

Mr. Anjum Fasih-Chief Executive, Squibb Pakistan (Private) Ltd. (a subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, New York) was born in September 1953. He joined Squibb Pakistan in 1983 as Finance Manager and became Director Finance in 1984. Before joining Squibb he had rich and varied experience of working in capacities of increasing responsibility in different professional audit, accounting and management consultancy firms of world repute both locally and abroad. Concurrent with his Pakistan responsibilities, for a couple of months during 1989, he worked as Director Finance, Bristol Myers-Squibb (BMS) Indonesia and from February 1990 to October 1991 he also looked after the BMS Bangladesh operation. Mr. Anjum Fasih assumed the leadership of Bristol-Myers Squibb operations in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Afghanistan on September 1, 1991. Mr. Anjum Fasih is a qualified Chartered Accountant, being an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

Mr. George Wagner: Born in Augsburg, Germany, in February 1950. he graduated in Biological sciences from the University of Munich in 1976. After completing his studies he joined the Pharmaceutical Industry and worked in various capacities in ICI and Boehringer Ingelheim. He joined Schering Measo Cyprus in 1984 and worked there till 1990 as Director. From January 1991 to June 1992 he worked as Marketing Director P.T. Schering Indonesia from where he has been transferred to head the Schering operations in Pakistan.

Born in April 1938 at Waldheide, Germany. It is now over 32 years that Mr. Matschulat is associated with Bayer in one or the other position, of which for 22 years has served Bayer Companies abroad. He joined Bayer in August, 1960. From August 1960 to May, 1961, he got training at the Head Quarters of Bayer in Germany. From June 1961 to August 1969, that is for a little over 8 years period he worked on various positions in M/s. Achimica Bayer S.A., Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil. Thereafter he was transferred in September, 1969, to work as Manager of Pharmaceutical Department within Bayer Quimicas S.A., Caracas, Venezuela. From August 1973 up to May 1976, he was Country Group Manager, within Bayer AG, Leverkusen, West Germany, where he was looking after the Pharmaceutical Business of Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America. He worked as Executive Vice President of Bayer Pharma (Korea) Ltd. Seoul, South Korea for about 4 years. In September 1980, he was again transferred back to Bayer AG., Leverkusen, where he worked as Manager Pharmaceutical Division for Africa and Middle East, upto March 1985. And lastly from April 1985, to June 1988, he worked with B.I.F.A. Bayer Turk, Istanbul, Turkey, as General Manager of Pharmaceutical, Self-Medication and Diagnostics Division. Since November, 1989, he is working in Pakistan as the Common Managing Director of Bayer Companies in Pakistan namely, Bayer Pharma (Pvt) Ltd. and Chemdyes Pakistan (Private) Limited, Karachi. He knows German, English, Spanish and Portugues languages.

Mr. Tariq Ikram Managing Director Reckitt & Colman of Pak. Ltd. was born on August 27th, 1945. He obtained his Masters degree in English literature from Government College, Lahore. Mr. Tariq underwent various professional courses at different reputed institutions within the country and abroad which included Senior Management course, UK 1974 and Certificate course in Sales Management, Advertising and Advance Finance at IBA. He is an associate member of British Institute of Management He has been the President Marketing Association of Pakistan and Abdalian Association. Earlier he was Hon. Secretary and Editor News Letter, Marketing Association of Pakistan. He delivered lectures as guest Speaker from the forum of Pakistan Institute of Management on various related topics of his field. Mr. Tariq was a member of "Group Study Exchange Programme" representing the profession of Marketing which was sent to the USA in 1974.

Dr. Chowdhry owns vast experience and has travelled extensively all over the world before returning to Pakistan 4 years ago. Eversince his return he has been an active member of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Association (PPMA). Besides remaining the Chairman (Punjab & NWFP), he has also been a member of the Central Executive Committee of PPMA. He is dedicated to work towards progress and growth of Pakistani pharma industry to international standards. Medipak being one of the finest examples of this concept. He is a Senior Medical Consultant who received his Post-Graduate training in England and Ireland and specialists in Paediatrics. He has served as Medical Consultant to the Government of Kuwait (Arabia) besides running a successful medical consultancy in Kuwait for over 25 years before establishing, MEDIPAK PHARMA INDUSTRIES at Lahore. One of the Country's top Group in the local manufacturing of Life Saving Infusion Solutions and Disposable Infusion Administration Sets in technical collaboration with FRESENIUS AG, GERMANY.

Born in 1936, Mr. Khan graduated from Government College, Lahore and started his carrier as a Trainee Officer with Habib Bank Ltd., where he rose to the level of JEVP at the age of 40. Later he served MCB as Member, Executive Board until 1977. The credit goes to Mr. Jawaid Tariq Khan for not only branching out MCB Overseas but also of establishment of Middle East Bank Ltd. with Head Office in Dubai. It was during his tenure that Middle East Bank branched to Pakistan, U.K. and various other countries including Hong Kong and USA. Mr. Jawaid Tariq Khan also established Middle East Bank. Kenya Ltd. and was the first Managing Directoor and Chief Executive. In end of 1983., although he was promoted as General Manager of Middle East Bank's global network, he decided for early retirement to return to his homeland, Pakistan, Mr. Khan chose to go into Pharmaceutical business than banking. He not only laid foundations of Highnoon Laboratories Ltd. which within span of seven years became largest National Company but also 22nd among over 200 Pharmaceutical companies including 32 multinationals. Mr. Jawaid Tariq Khan rose to heights in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing sector by being elected unopposed, Chairman of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association for the year 1991-92 and presently is member of its Executive Committee. He is on Board of Governors of Fatimid Foundation, he is Member, Executive Committee of LCCI, Convener of its Standing Committee on Leasing & Modaraba and represents Chamber on many advisory Committees of the Government of Pakistan.

Mr. M. Amin Khan (56) Managing Director, Zafa Pharmaceutical Laboratories graduated from Muslim University, Aligarth in 1955-56. Mr. Amin started his professional career from Ciba Geigy and remained associated with this company for 15 years including 10 years during which period he headed the production division. He started his own Pharmaceutical firm ZAFA in 1973 when generic scheme was introduced. He has 34 years experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He was also the Vice Chairman of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association in 1987-88 and Chairman in 1989-90.

Mian Muhammad Nazir, the founder and Chief executive of M/s. Ideal Pharmaceutical Industries Lahore, was born on 8th August 1945 in Lahore. He obtained masters degree (M.Sc.) in Biochemistry from Punjab University in 1967. After a rich marketing experience he started his own manufacturing concern in 1974. With his hardw ork and enthusiasm, built a modern new factory in Industrial area with well equipped production/QC/Ware house/Storage facilities. He is an active Executive member of PPMA (Punjab & NWFP region). Since 1990.

Ch. Faqir Mohammad, Managing Director Nabiqasim Industries (Pvt) Ltd. was born in the year 1941 at Jallendhar, graduated in 1963 from the University of Punjab. It is one of the leading local Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan. He is well placed in business circles and has to his credit very long experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He is also widely travelled.
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