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Who's the boss?

Hey, who put your best friend in charge? Time to tame her inner Trump ...

Your classes are cruising along, but your social life is bursting with drama. And, unfortunately, much of the drama is caused by your BFF. You love her dearly, but that girl can be so bossy! Here's how to get your friendship back in balance.


The good news? You and your BFF have been chosen to head up the Fall Fling planning committee. The bad news? Your BFF is already trying to take over. Your best bet: Outboss the "boss" by firmly but gently divvying up duties before she starts delegating. Let her know you'll take charge of rustling up the refreshments while she decides on the decorating details. Then? You can both pick out the playlist--together.


Everyone wants to help out a friend, but there's a difference between being a pal and being unpaid labor. Your BFF has to get her room clean or she's grounded this weekend? Offer to pitch in but be sure you're working with her, not for her. Because you are sure she'd do the same for you. Right?


It's a tradition--you and your best bud hit a matinee every other Saturday. So how does it end up that she's always the one picking the flick? If your friend is constantly calling the social shots, that's not OK. You're along for the fun, so you should have a say. Talk to her about taking turns. She gets to pick what you do this week, your choice next time. Simple.


"You're not going to wear that, are you?" says your BFF as you're getting dressed for the dance. While you do value your BFF's opinion, does she always have to sound so darned condescending? Sometimes, it's not the things people say but how they say them that hurts. Most likely, your BFF thinks she's looking out for you by not letting you step out in a less-than-fab frock. But if her tone is rude, now's the time to draw the line. Nicely.


"Why do you want to be friends with her?" "I signed you up to be my partner for the recital audition." "Stop raising your hand so much in class, Brown Noser!" Real friends don't tell you who to hang out with, make decisions for you or dictate how you should (or shouldn't) conduct yourself. It's your life. If your BFF won't respect that, the next words she needs to hear are, "You're fired!"
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Date:Oct 1, 2006
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