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Who's really at fault?

I had to laugh in amazement at the perversion, twisting and moral equivalency that Mr. Anderson employs to justify his assertion that insurance is a disease. (Letter from Eugene R. Anderson, "Comment," Best's Review, January 2004) He compares insurance to handguns. Handguns are designed to kill and maim people. Insurance policies only maim if one's fingers bit an exposed staple, and unless eaten, there is little possibility of death. Automobile insurance cannot commit a crime. People do. No policy ever injured a child. Negligent parents who refuse to discipline and raise children with respect, rules and morals do cause injury. The insurance policy is left to pay for these losses. The policy does not cause the loss.

Mr. Anderson pontificates about the resources of law consumed by insurance. Has he stopped to consider the $252 billion in resources consumed by plaintiffs attorneys like himself? Has he stopped to consider that we have no steel industry, no aluminum industry, a declining auto industry and fewer jobs because the plaintiffs bar and anti-capitalism initiatives have made profit a dirty word and unobtainable.

He uses the perverse argument of moral equivalency to justify his hateful nonsense. He morally positions insurance policies as handguns. He positions insurance companies as cheats and liars and justifies stealing by policyholders because they know insurers cheat them. There is a belief held by many that extreme liberalism is a mental illness. It requires the removal of right and wrong and replaces them with moral equivalents. If there is no right and wrong, then his utterances make sense. If right and wrong do exist, then his verbiage is that of a deranged mind.

He is correct on one issue. The court system and law do need to be rethought and recognized as the societal corrosive force they have become; only then can that real problem be remedied.

Bill Ford

Regional Account Executive

ProAssurance Group
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Title Annotation:Comment; Bill, Ford (Accounts Executive)
Author:Ford, William Clay, Jr.
Publication:Best's Review
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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