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Who's in grandma's attic?

What They See. You show a cardboard cutout of an old house with three open windows in it and three rectangular cards with pictures on them you call ghost cards. The cards slide into a slot in the old house so that the pictures show through the windows. Two pictures are the same on each card, but the top picture of a ghost is a different color on each card: red, yellow, or blue.

While your back is turned, a friend puts one of the ghost cards into the slot and hides the other two cards. Keeping the house behind your back, you turn to face your friend. You tell him whether the ghost is red, yellow, or blue, then show the old house to prove you are correct.

How to Make It:

1. Make a photocopy of Grandma's house and the house pattern, and three copies of the ghost card. Cut them out with a pair of scissors.

2. Trace the outline of the house pattern onto four pieces of cereal box cardboard and two pieces of black craft paper. Cut them out with scissors or a craft knife.

3. Cut the rectangle out of the house pattern. Trace its outline on two of the cardboard houses and cut out the rectangles with a craft knife.

4. You will now have:

* two cardboard houses * two cardboard houses with rectangles cut out of them

* a copy of Grandma's house

* and two black craft paper houses

5. Carefully glue the black craft paper houses onto the front and back of one of the cardboard houses. This will be the back of the house.

6. Glue the two cardboard houses with rectangles cut out of them on top of the front side of the back of the house. You now have a stack of five of the seven house cutouts.

Front of house

Cardboard house

Cardboard house with rectangle

Cardboard house with rectangle

Black craft paper house

Cardboard house

Black craft paper house

7. Glue the copy of Grandma's house onto the last cardboard house to make the front of the house. Cut out the three windows and the door, cutting through the paper and the cardboard, and glue the front of the house onto the stack of cutouts. You now have a completed house with a slot in the center.

8. Color the three ghost cards. Color one ghost red, one yellow, and one blue. Color Grandma, Grandpa, and the door any way you wish. Color these before going on to the next step.

9. Cut out the three ghost cards. On the yellow ghost card, glue a half-inch square of index card on the back of the door picture, near the top. On the red one, glue a half-inch square on the back of the door picture, near the bottom. You do not glue anything on the back of the blue ghost card.

10. Now glue each ghost card rectangle onto a piece of cardboard. Trim away any extra cardboard, and you will have three ghost cards. When a ghost card is placed into the slot of the house, the pictures will show through the open windows.

The Secret. By rubbing your finger along the bottom and top of the door picture, while the rectangle is in the house cutout, you will be able to feel if an index card square is there. If there is none, you know the ghost is blue. If you feel the square near the bottom of the door, you know it is red. If you feel the square near the top of the door, you know it is yellow.


Show the cutout house, and tell your friends that it is a picture of your grandma's house and that the house is haunted by friendly ghosts!

Hand the ghost cards to a friend. Turn your back, holding the house behind your back, with the house facing out. Ask your friend to place one of the ghost cards into the slot so the pictures show, and hide the other two.

As you turn around, run your fingers over the bottom and the top of the door opening, feeling for the hidden square of index card.

"Ah, yes," you say. "I believe that the [Name the color.] ghost is visiting Grandma today. His name is [Give him any name you want.]. Let's see if I am right."

Show the house to your friends and they will see that you have, in fact, named the color of the ghost.

Ghost Card

Cut out

4 cardboard houses. Remove the rectangular section inside the dotted lines from 2 of them. Cut out 2 black craft paper houses.
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