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Whiteshell Technology Park.

If your business involves manufacturing or development of health care products, environmental products and services, or sophisticated R&D, then you should know about Whiteshell Technology Park -- a unique high-technology environment next to Western Canada's largest and most sophisticated research centre, AECL Research Whiteshell Laboratories, near Pinawa, Manitoba.

AECL Research is a world leader in developing technology for health sciences, nuclear medicine, energy production and environmental protection.

"Because of Whiteshell Laboratories, we have in Pinawa and the Eastern Manitoba region, a deeper knowledge and understanding of high technology than most other communities," says Dr. Stu Iverson, director of AECL's Whiteshell Economic Diversification Initiative. "We speak technology. Industry can benefit from this."

Whiteshell Technology Park offers industry several competitive advantages:

* A reliable supply of electricity is available at one of the lowest rates in the world.

* Access to AECL Research's world-class scientific expertise and technology. For example, AECL's IMPELA |TM~ electron accelerator can sterilize medical supplies faster, better and more cost-effectively than any other process in the world.

* Whiteshell Technology Park has access to an unsurpassed communications network achieved by highly advanced telecommunications and data transmission capability.

* Water, sewer and electrical utilities are available in an environmentally clean location.

* Whiteshell Laboratories' skilled tradespeople, security force, fully-trained fire department, occupational health unit and ambulance service offer expertise, safety and support.

* Whiteshell Technology Park is located only 100 km from Winnipeg, the geographic centre of North America.

* Affordable housing, hospital facilities and excellent schools in Pinawa -- near Whiteshell Provincial Park -- offer a high quality of life.

For more information on Whiteshell Technology Park, contact Dr. Stu Iverson, Whiteshell Initiative, Whiteshell Laboratories at (204) 753-2311 and gain a competitive edge.
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Title Annotation:Celebrating Success; research center, Pinawa, Manitoba
Publication:Manitoba Business
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Date:Oct 1, 1993
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