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White house OMB seeks comments on federal rulemaking process. (Washington Alert).

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is seeking comments on how it can improve the guidance that federal agencies are asked to follow in proposing new rules. OMB is the agency that evaluates the effectiveness of agency programs, policies and procedures. OMB has proposed changes that require agencies to do additional cost-benefit analysis of rules, use different calculation to arrive at their estimates and offer regulatory alternatives, Specifically, the agency is seeking input on how they should evaluate the costs of new rules on the time, convenience, economic productivity and privacy of Americans. In addition, OMB wants advice on how they should balance health, safety and environmental risks with interests such as economic growth and technological innovation. Increased analysis by agencies can lead to better rules that are less vulnerable to political and legal attack, and though agencies are not required to follow such guidance, OMB can return rules that do not include the necessary analys is.

The proposed guidance came within the draft of an annual report that concluded that the annual benefits of federal rules implemented over the past 10 years (between $135 billion and $218 billion) outweighed the costs to society (between $38 billion and $44 billion) by a ratio of 5:1. To ensure consideration, OMB must receive comments by April 3. Comments on either the draft guidelines for the conduct of regulatory analysis or the report on cost-benefit analysis can be faxed to 202/395-7245. A copy of the cost-benefit report is available at http:// 2003draftcost-henefitjpt.pdf.
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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