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White Blind (Bright Red).

White Blind (Bright Red)

Photographs by Uta Barth

Essay by an Tumlir

Site Santa Fe

1606 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501;

ISBN 0970077475 $30.00

In Tumlir's essay titled "Uta Barth: Figures of Stasis and Flux," he writes, "By purging her pictures of their ostensible subjects, [Barth] has sought to redirect our attention to a kind of perceptual noise, that which intrudes all around: in the setting, the outlying objects, the air." In this "purging" of the subject, Barth's art photographs are quintessentially postmodern. To some, they might seem nihilistic in their austerity and spareness. The photographs are a series of leafless tree branches against a winter sky. But as Barth explains about her art work, she is not making a statement about nihilism; rather she is trying to evoke awareness of perception. The tree branches can be seen as neural networks. Perception can in some ways be compared with the process by which a camera makes a picture. The depth and relevance of the intended artistic interplay with Barth's photographs depend on sophisticated understandings of psychology and physiology along with keen abilities in introspection, conception, and articulation. They also depend to some degree on inventive understandings of psychology and physiology--which inventions this artist tries to bring to birth.
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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