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Whit a disgrace! Nae chieftain o' the puddin' race.

It really was ian immortal imemory that everyone wanted to forget...

When a Burns supper in the bard's county AYRSHIRE ran out of HAGGIS.

And 40 hungry diners had anything but a "sonsie face" when they were served tatties and neeps with cock- a-leekie SOUP.

One Rabbie fan at the dinner quipped:

"I've heard of not being able to organise a booze-up in a brewery but I've never heard about not being able to organise a Burns supper in Ayrshire - until now!"

The fiasco was on Friday at Fenwick village Burns Supper, when around 120 locals packed Fulton Hall.

They said: "Oh what a glorious sight" - until the haggis ran out after just 80 helpings.

So 40 folk "looked down wi sneering, scornfu' view" on the soup they got instead.

Speaker Alastair Cochrane explained: "We almost had a revolt, especially as the top table had been served first.

"The caterers got mixed up. They thought they had one pot of haggis left.

"But when they opened it, they found that it was potatoes."

Another speaker, Jimmy Murdoch performed a Burns homage about a dying sheep, while wearing a SHEEP COSTUME.

He said: "The outfit had a big belly so everyone was accusing me of eating all the haggis.

"It was a great laugh, though, and everyone had a fantastic night. But there were one or two embarrassed faces."

Meanwhile, a special haggis recipe to beat BSE fears is proving an international hit for Dumfries butcher Stuart Houston.

He developed a haggis for export without beef suet to beat the EU ban.

And he has orders from as far away as Sweden and all over Europe.

"We're working nights and weekends to keep up with demand," he said.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 18, 1998
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