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Whimsy's Heavy Things.

Whimsy's Heavy Things

Julie Kraulis, author/illustrator

Tundra Books

1 Toronto Street, Suite 300

Toronto, ON M5C 2V6

9781770494039, $17.95,

"Whimsy's Heavy Things" is an unusual children's story that teaches children new ways to think about letting go of anxiety and stress. The expressive images in the pastel and dark colored illustrations really embody and personify the narrative individually. Whimsy is a sad fragile looking blonde girl who has been weighed down by her heavy things. She decides she must do something, but hiding doesn't work, nor does floating them to sea in an upside down umbrella. Ignoring the heavy things, represented as ugly black balls, is unsuccessful, and pretending does not make them go away. Finally Whimsy decides to break all the heavy things down to smaller bits and transform them individually. With some of the smaller pieces of heavy things, she is able to make marbles for her best friend. She plants another small heavy thing and it grows into a beautiful peach tree. Pieces of a third heavy thing help Whimsy build steps to see over the tallest wall. An incredible vision of butterflies sailing awaits her at the end of her climb. Breaking down another heavy thing allows Whimsy to swim faster than ever before, feeling so much lighter. Whimsy decides to keep the last heavy thing to remind herself not to get weighed down, because "heavy things are just light things in disguise." "Whimsy's Heavy Things" is a beautiful self-help book for children ages 4-6.

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Title Annotation:The Self-Help Shelf
Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Nov 1, 2013
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