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While the NHL's Devils and the Avalanche.

While the NHL's Devils and the Avalanche fought it out for the Stanley Cup, hockey players of a different sort competed for a championship trophy of their own. National "Bubble Boy" champions from Boston faced off against Wayne Gretzky and Bubble Boy Hockey League Players Agent Phil Esposito following the BBHL National Championship Competition. The third annual Bud Light Bubble Boys Hockey League National Championship, which capped a four-month, adult consumer promotion held in bars and restaurants across the country. Thirty-three two-person teams who won their local market competitions, met for a table hockey tournament and a chance to play Mr. Gretzky. Following hours of intense competition, team "Respect," Bob Leary and Kenny Dubois of Boston skated away with the honors. "Tonight's competition was even more exciting than years past," said Tim Murphy, brand manager, Bud Light. "It was a great opportunity for hockey fans across the country to compete for a chance to play Gretzky and Esposito while enjoying a Bud Light."
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Date:Jun 18, 2001
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