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While Washington Burned.

While Washington Burned

Joseph Whitehorne

The Nautical & Aviation Publishing Company Of America

2055 Middleburg Lane, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

1877853186 $28.95

While Washington Burned: The Battle For Fort Erie by Joseph Whitehorne (Historical Consultant and teacher at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown, Virginia) is a descriptive study of the hard pressed by American forces against the British at Fort Erie. Recounting the first US victory on the land against organized British forces after the burning of their burning of the American capital in Washington DC on August 25, 1814, While Washington Burned provides the reader with an expansive understanding of the attacks and counterattacks which took place in the midst of Fort Erie, and a complete accounting of the results--including the use of genealogical research and archeological discoveries. While Washington Burned is enhanced by the inclusion of maps, appendixes of the armies involved, strategies and tactics used, and knowledge of the every particular of the terrifying battles. A work of impressive scholarship and a thoroughly "reader friendly" text, While Washington Burned is very strongly recommended for personal, academic, and community library American History supplemental reading lists and reference collections.
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Title Annotation:While Washington Burned: The Battle for Fort Erie
Author:Burroughs, John
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2006
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