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While I am writing (Part 2).

Many people insist on understanding only one side of the truth and become amazed by the fact that the most logical thing is the one that triggers differences. This reminds us of the axiom that different tastes justify selling different commodities, which applies to impressions and facts as well. So, we can say that the things that I judge as beautiful others may consider them ugly, and that which I consider delicious, others may find bitter. However, this does not lead to conflict between us. Moreover, when we see an idea prevailing or a conventional or traditional phenomenon spreading and say that it evokes different points of views, some people dislike it, whereas others feel satisfied, and this may lead to conflict, although the fact is one, but it has more than one face. In fact, we conceive the truth with our senses, interpret it with our minds, explain it with our thoughts, and feel satisfied or dissatisfied with it.

Here comes the important role of the writer to express his opinion clearly without circumlocution, and to "reweigh things" according to the real world information, not to contribute to changing it, but to know how to protect his head from the stones of anger, or whatever may be worse.

The idea of making the powerful and masses angry has always been a sword dangling above the writers' necks. Some writers see it as that horrible, and this makes them write under the pressure of fear, whereas others see it as a mere weapon which they may either use or neutralize it.

Other writers are like pirates, who go around seas looking for treasure islands or ransacking them. Others change the map of general thought, so, they go around seas looking for ways that would lead the people to benefit from the islands; the difference is clear. The people realize the reality of the writer; whether he is a pirate, or a scout.

We must admit that reality has an eternal face, which does not change or vary. This is the supreme reality; the reality of believing in God and His law. Whereas some other realities change; the political, administrative, social, conventional, and behavioral realities, for example. We know that each of these realities has an explanation which may not be understood by laymen. The most important role of the writer is to make sure that the people understood their sense as it should be understood, not as it is meant for them to understand, accept, or even exchange it as a means to safety. Such kind of safety is short-termed, weak, and quickly passes out of sight. Real writers must provide a strong rope to keep and preserve safety. Safety of the community comes before the safety of individuals or groups, and sustains the interest if that individual and that group.

Again, the writer must face another wild wave, that is, the people's mood. The writer after all is one of the people ... but not today, maybe on another day.

In the end and in the beginning it is up to the writer to choose whether to be a scout or pirate!Twitter:

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Publication:Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Date:Dec 1, 2012
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