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Which breakfast is right for you? Whatever your job, eat a good breakfast and you'll feel better and are likely to lose weight. Celebrity nutritionist Amanda Hamilton shows us how to match the most important meal of the day to what you'll be doing straight after it.


A BRICKIE scrambled eggs lean, grilled bacon grilled tomato wholemeal roll AMANDA SAYS: Labourers use up a lot of energy. It's a very physical job.

Tomatos contain lycopene, which can protect against prostate cancer. With the grilled bacon and no fat, this is a good brickie's breakfast, and far better than a sausage roll.


IN SALES a mug of English tea muesli with extra dried fruit grilled bacon and scrambled egg on wholemeal toast AMANDA SAYS: A salesperson needs high energy for sales pitches. This meal gives you extra energy with the muesli and prepares you for a long day ahead, the bacon and egg with healthy wholemeal toast keeping hunger pangs away.


A MODEL watermelon nuts and seeds goat's cheese on soda bread herbal tea. AMANDA SAYS: Models can't afford to be in anything other than tip-top shape.

Watermelon is the perfect fruit choice - a natural diuretic to protect against water retention and it's packed with anti-oxidants for keeping skin in good shape.

The seeds add extra micro-nutrients vital for good nails and hair whilst the goat's cheese on soda bread offers a wheat and dairy free model-style menu.


A LAWYER almonds in natural yoghurt drizzled in honey poached eggs on toast decaffeinated coffee. AMANDA SAYS: Lawyers need to cope with high levels of stress and this breakfast is perfect for someone in a high-power role. A small serving of almonds each day can help protect against heart disease - a good idea for high-stress environments. Sweeten with honey and yoghurt for a natural kick-start. Poached eggs on toast provide high quality protein and amino acids.


AN ATHLETE stewed apple and mixed forest fruits served on piping hot porridge topped with walnuts a glass of orange juice AMANDA SAYS: People who work in sport need stamina to get through a day's training, and slow-release energy with mega-doses of nutrients to fuel performance. Porridge topped with mixed fruit is a perfect choice as it's easy to digest and keeps energy in the tank all morning. Add a topping of walnuts, thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, to help protect wear and tear on the joints.


A TEACHER a smoothie with a handful of frozen fruit, half a banana, natural yoghurt and a spoonful of honey oatcakes and a banana for break time AMANDA SAYS: Most teachers are stressed-out and lacking in time. They're often in work early so they need something quick to set them on their day. A shake is perfect for that - and the mid-morning snack should see them through 'til lunch.


A TRAIN DRIVER freshly-brewed coffee grilled tomato baked beans on toast glass of fresh grapefruit juice AMANDA SAYS: A train driver needs to keep concentration at optimum levels. Coffee kicks off an early morning start and baked beans on wholemeal toast give long-lasting energy. Add in some grilled tomato for that lycopene, and a delicious serving of grapefruit juice for vitamin C.

AND THE BREAKFAST NO-NOS NO BREAKFAST - if you skip breakfast, you're more likely to eat something unhealthy like a chocolate bar when you get to work, which will give you a quick hit which is too fast for the body. You get stuck in a cycle so you'll have an unhealthy lunch. Skipping breakfast promotes weight gain.

SOME CEREALS - some cereals are just sugar hits disguised. Look at the label and if the second ingredient is sugar, just avoid it.

Anything ending in OSE means it's high in sugar, even if it's low-fat.

FULL BREAKFAST - unless it's grilled. Digesting the fat and sugar makes you lethargic. Swap the fat for some grilled bacon and some poached or scrambled eggs. MUFFIN AND A COFFEE - caffeine and sugar gives a false energy Amanda Hamilton, right, is breakfast consultant to Jurys Inn hotels.

high and sets off a bad cycle. Coffee is fine with a good, full breakfast but this isn't enough by itself. You'll crave more of both by mid morning. CAKES IN THE OFFICE - usually what happens when you skip breakfast. If you work somewhere where cakes and biscuits are plenty, fill up on a big bowl of steaming porridge. Start a healthy snack club at work where everyone takes it in turns to bring in fruit, nuts, seeds or some healthy home-baked cookies.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
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