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Which 'Amazing Race' Team Will Be Eliminated In Prague?

Two legs in France saw a beautiful moment with one "Amazing Race" team getting engaged, but also saw two sets of competitors face painful eliminations. Now, with a double U-Turn ahead as the race heads to Prague, the competition will officially become the fiercest its been yet.

Spoiler Alert: The ending of Season 30, Episode 4, "Gotta Put Your Sole Into It" is discussed below

In the first leg, which sent teams to Saint-Tropez, France, emotions ran high as teams dealt with difficulties in navigation and other stressors. In addition, they faced their second head-to-head at the mat, which once again shook things up, sending Alex Rossi and Conor Daly into first place, and nearly seeing Lucas Bocanegra and Brittany Austin knocked entirely out of the competition. However, they managed to successfully knock Cedric Ceballos and Shawn Marion out in the end.

During a second leg in Arles, France, teams struggled again with navigation and a particularly challenging roadblock, which further shook up the standings. In the end, after choosing a Detour that no one else did, ( Joey Chestnut and Tim Janus were eliminated.

Now, the race is down to just seven teams, and a Double U-Turn is looming ahead. With that usually being the moment that teams get their most competitive, it will be interesting to see what happens next. Of course, at least one team will still have to say goodbye, and with a big target on their backs, it could prove to be one of the stronger ones.

Who may be most at risk of elimination? Here's our ranking of where we think teams will fall by the time that the next leg comes to an end:

Kristi Leskinen And Jen Hudak (#TeamExtreme)

Though they missed out on first place finishes in both legs, Team Extreme is still one of the ones to beat. They only missed out on first place in the first leg because of the head-to-head, and missed it by a minute in the second one. They are perhaps the strongest and most consistent competitors this season, and they won't be the next ones eliminated. Even if other teams put a target on their backs and attempt to eliminate them with the U-Turn, they will likely breeze through any excess challenge.

Alexander Rossi And Conor Daly (#TeamIndyCar)

Though they struggled initially in the second leg and went from first place to fifth in the end, Alex and Conor still seem like strong enough competitors that there isn't likely a risk they'd be taken out in the next leg. They also seem to have some alliances with other teams, including Kristi and Jen, as well as Cody and Jessica, which could spare them from the risk of the U-Turn, provided that no other teams beat them to the board and target them.

Cody Nickson And Jessica Graf (#TeamBigBrother)

Though they managed to place second with the head-to-head, Cody and Jessica have fallen in the standings overall, landing in sixth place on the most recent leg. Being near the bottom of the pack is a disadvantage going into the U-Turn leg, because it increases the likelihood they can be U-Turned. In addition, Jessica made somewhat of an enemy in Lucas and Brittany in Morocco, after she grabbed Brittany's Trevlocity gnome and put in on the ground. When Brittany then left it behind at a task and had to turn around to get it, she expressed that the blame was partly Jessica's, and indicated she didn't trust her anymore after the move.

Lucas Bocanegra And Brittany Austin (#TeamOceanRescue)

Now that they're engaged, Lucas and Brittany could be stronger than ever before. They also proved that when they work together, they can be much harder to beat by placing first in the most recent leg. Since they hadn't previously been threatening, other teams likely won't target them in the U-Turn either, which means they will likely fly under the radar in the next leg, and continue to compete.

Henry Zhang And Evan Lynyak (#TeamYale)

This team has taken a few topples recently, sending them closer to the bottom of the pack than the front, which could put them at risk. In addition, other teams seem to be against them, with many expressing annoyance when they arrive at tasks, which could make them targets with the U-Turn. However, they still seem likely to slide through the tasks, and shouldn't be at risk of elimination just yet.

Eric And Daniel Guiffreda (#TheFirefighters)

They've managed to climb up in the standings, arriving third at the last pit stop, but it's unlikely that these two will be in the competition for too long. They should still fly totally under the radar for the U-Turn, as they've never done anything to make other teams want to take them out personally, and they haven't consistently been strong enough to also receive a target on their backs, so elimination won't happen in the next leg. However, they should be expected to be knocked out afterwards.

Trevor Wadleigh And Chris Marchant (#TeamWellStrung)

Despite being a team that was consistent for the first three legs, the violinists took several tumbles in the last two legs, with their worst performance yet in the last leg. Navigation issues plummeted them all the way to the bottom of the leaderboard, and they were only saved from elimination because Joey and Tim chose a more complicated Detour task. Because they were strong beforehand, they could become a target in the U-Turn, and if they were already far behind the rest, of the teams, they won't likely be able to overcome the odds that are stacked against them.

"The Amazing Race" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.
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