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Whey waste sun on a driveway? Make it into a patio.

"When sun is at a premium in the garden, there's no sense wasting it on a driveway"' says San Francisco landscape designer Kathryn Mathewson. "So we turned this one into a patio."

What used to be the most unattractive part of Joe Engbeck's Berkeley garden-a neglected gravel driveway with few plants and no fence separating it from the neighbors or street-is now a sunny retreat surrounded by lush green plants. But it also still doubles as a driveway

An automatic door opener is almost essential to this design. A single control opens the front gate and the garage door, allowing Mr. Engbeck to drive straight into the garage without being tempted to park in the middle of the patio.

Mathewson expanded the existing driveway (to allow plenty of room for tables and chairs) and then covered it with buffcolored Arizona flagstone. The boardand-batten fence with gate-designed to look attractive from both inside and out provides much-needed privacy. A sturdy trellis, which enlarges the gateway so it stands up to the 3 1/2-story house, supports a wisteria.

Because of Mr. Engbeck's fondness for the woods, Mathewson created a lowmaintenance woodland garden around the patio. Growing in the shade of an existing maple tree near the garage are astilbe, erodium, ferns, foxgloves, violets, and other spring-blooming perennials.
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Date:May 1, 1989
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