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Where would we be without the barrage?

I read with interest the article on the battle for the Cardiff Barrage (October 20).

Yes, today the barrage is a jewel in Cardiff 's crown, but 20 years ago various groups did everything they could to stop it being built - Crab (Cardiff residents against the barrage), spread terrible tales of flooding and a sewage infested lake, the RSPB claimed birds would starve. and Friends of the Earth Cymru, they are against everything.

However the most bitter opposition came from Cardiff West MP Rhodri Morgan ,who talked the first barrage bill out of Parliament.

Fortunately, these were all overcome and the barrage was built, but due to Rhodri Morgan's opposition (he was then First Minister) no official ceremony was carried out for this wonderful piece of engineering.

Last week, on a lovely day,we went down to the Bay.

It was full of rugby supporters, Irish, French, Australian and Welsh, enjoying the sunshine (the bay faces south), the view, and the boats coming and going.

What a boost the barrage has been to Cardiff.

Where would we be without it? David Gorton Rumney, Cardiff

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 23, 2015
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