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Where to go for Go.

for thousands of years, players have matched minds in the intellectually challenging board game of Go. Meeting in small groups in the evening or on weekend afternoons, or in clubs with hundreds of members, they play with a sense of conscience and integrity that is uniquely Asian; in fact, the most accomplished masters of the game are Japanese, Chinese, or Korean.

Originated in China as early as 2300 B.C., Go was used to teach battlefield strategy and war. Transplanted to the West by Japanese immigrants earlier this century, it has been attracting a growing number of enthusiasts. You're welcom to watch or joint them. Deceptively simple to learn, the game gets more difficult with experience. All ages can play; it's not unusual for 10-year-old players to be ranked.

The two players are assigned either black or white stones (go-ishi), all of equal value. Stones are placed at intersections of lines on the 19- by 19-line board; there's also a simpler 9- by 9-line board for beginners to learn strategy. A player wins by surrounding more area than his opponent (area is measured by the number of unoccupied points enclosed by stones of a given color). A player can also increase his area by surrounding and capturing the opponent's stones; however, greed is often his downfall. Handicap stones (usually no more than 9) awarded at the outset of a game compensate for the differences between players, so even if you are a newcomer you cna confront some of the better players.

Master players are said to play to win but only by a few points--a reflection of the entrancing sense of mutual benefit and friendship that you'll find among Go players everywhere.

Here's a list of clubs around the West where you can learn to play Go. Many are small and informal, so it's best to call ahead. Most welcome new players, novice or expert. Usually membership and lesson fees, if any, are nominal, and boards and stones are often supplies; advice is plentiful and free. For more information, write to American Go Association, Box 397, Old Chelsea Station, N.Y. 10113.
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Title Annotation:Go game club
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Date:Feb 1, 1984
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