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Where to find hard-to-find grass.

Where to find hard-to-find grass

Interest in ornamental grasses like those decribed on pages 106 through 109 is still relatively new, so some are hard to find. Here are suggestions on where to look.

Until recently, most nurseries have typically offered only a few kinds, such as blue fescue and, in the Southwest, fountain grass. But last year a major wholesale grower stepped into the picture with an expanded stock of decorative grasses, so you should be seeing more choices at nurseries and garden centers.

Specialty nurseries are another good source. Look for ones that feature unusual perennials; in response to increased interest among plant people and landscape designers, many have developed good selections of decorative grasses. Look under Nurseries in the yellow pages.

Or search out a horticultural society or garden club in your area and ask where their members buy unusual perennials.

Drop in on sales held by plant societies, botanical gardens, and arboretums. Often these sales include some of the easy-to-grow-and-propagate ornamental grasses. The following mail-order suppliers each offer several different kinds of ornamental grasses. Be prepared to wait or accept substitutes for less common kinds--still in short supply.

Bluemel-Greenlee Nurseries, 301 E. Franklin Ave., Pomona, Calif. 91766 (150 kinds; descriptive catalog $2.50).

Carroll Gardens, 444 E. Main St., Box 310, Westminster, Md. 21157 (20 kinds of perennial grasses; catalog $2).

Kurt Bluemel, Inc., 2340 Greene Lane, Baldwin, Md. 21013 (over 150 kinds; catalog $1).

Mellinger's, 2310 W. South Range Rd., North Lima, Ohio 44452 (10 kinds; free).

Russell Graham, 4030 Eagle Crest Rd. N.W., Salem, Ore. 97304 (seven kinds; catalog $2).

Wayside Gardens, Inc., Hodges, S.C. 29695 (nine kinds; catalog $1).

Photo: Late afternoon sun backlights arching flower plumes of purple fountain grass
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