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Where to buy the less usual potatoes.

Once you taste the odd-looking blue-, pink-, purple-, and yellow-fleshed potatoes shown on page 64, you'll be won over by the superiority of their homegrown flavor. To grow them, though, you'll probably have to order by mail, since most of these unusual varieties aren't readity available in nurseries.

The sources listed below certify that their potatoes are free of disease. Microculture, Inc. and Nichols Garden Nursery sell tissue-propagated minitubers. The rest supply uncut seed potatoes.

As a general guideline, 1 pound of seed potatoes produces 7 to 20 pounds of potatoes, depending on the variety and growing conditions. Fifteen minitubers can produce 40 to 50 pounds of potatoes.

In the lower deserts and mild coastal areas, order immediately; you need them to plant in February (on your order, specify when you want to receive them).

Where to send for potatoes

Le Marche Seeds International, Box 190, Dixon, Calif. 95620; (916) 678-9244. Sells 'Delta Blue'. Cost is $5 for 1 pound; add $2.50 for shipping.

Microculture, Inc., Box 3004-222, Corvallis, Ore. 97339; (503) 754-7771. Sells minitubers of 'All Blue', 'Desiree' (a European potato with red skin and yellow flesh), 'Yellow Finn', and common varieties like 'Kennebec' and 'Red Pontiac'.

Cost is $8.95 for 15 minitubers ($7.95 for common varieties); add $2 for shipping. Nichols Garden Nursery, 1190 N. Pacific Highway, Albany, Ore. 97321; (503) 9289280. Sells 'Bintje' ($3.95 for 1 pound, $6.9 5 for 3) and 'Improved Peruvian Purple', similar to 'Peruvian Blue' ($5.9 5 for 1 pound, $9.95 for 2). Also sells 'Yellow Finn' minitubers ($5.95 for 25, $9.95 for 50). Add $1 for handling.

Seeds Blum, Idaho City Stage, Boise 83706. Catalog $3. Sells 'Bintje', 'Green Mountain', 'Urgenta', and 'Yukon Gold' ($3.25 for 1 pound, $14 for 5); 'Ruby Crescent' and 'Yellow Finn' ($4 for 1 pound, $17 for 5); 'All Blue', 'Blossom', and 'Peruvian Blue' ($4.50 for 1 pound, $19 for 5). For all types, add $2.25 for shipping. 'Old Spanish' and 'Yellow Fingerling' will be available in fall 1989.
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