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Where the wind takes us.

Santa Fe Community College, In Santa Fe, N.M., recently wrapped up an exhibit of photographic Images entitled "Photographic Currents." Artists from Cob orado, Massachusetts, Kentucky and Vancouver, British Columbia contributed works dedicated to the themes of personal identity and place.

David Bartiett's "Buyck, MN Stream #3" (below, at top) combines photography with intaglio printmaking in a style called photogravure. Angie Buckley uses a cutout image and a pinhole camera to explore self-discovery and heritage In "I Saw You Thinking" (lower right). Maria Harper examines Issues of self-identity, family, place and home. Her piece, "In My Own Skin" (lower left), symbolizes her internally focused artwork.
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Title Annotation:around campus
Publication:Community College Week
Date:Apr 25, 2005
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