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Where the fish are and how to catch 'em.

ALDIN GRANGE LAKES 07901 538 587 The fishery is free of ice and fishing well. Colin Foster from Framwellgate Moor caught 12 trout on a Pink Bloodworm in under four hours. Other patterns taking fish were Nymphs, Buzzers, Blobs and Tinnys. Fishing into the wind near the reed beds.

BELLFLASK 01677 470 716 Anglers should try black and green lures such as Montana, Black and Green Fritz, Viva and Dawson's Olive. Bloodworm patterns drifted round should also do well along with Buzzers, Hare's Ear and GRHE. Anglers should contact the fishery before travelling. CAISTRON LAKES 01434 609 725 The fishery is open again after the thaw has moved the ice. Fish are keen to take despite the cold and there are plenty of them. The new price for eight hours is pounds 27 for three fish plus catchand-release. A four-hour permit will cost pounds 16 for two fish, while an eighthour catch-and-release costs pounds 17. A four-hour catch-and-release costs pounds 9. Boats cost pounds 5 for four hours.

CHATTON TROUT FISHERY 01668 215 226 The fishery will re-open on Monday, January 24 due to Chatton Lake still being half-frozen and to protect the welfare of the fish, as they have been under the ice for the past seven weeks.

HIGHAM LAKES 01661 860 032 / 07950 428 159 The fishery opened last Sunday and the lakes have fished very well since, especially the Specimen Lake. Anglers can now fish the Specimen lake. Seven doubles were caught over Sunday and Monday best one a 10lb 5oz Brown Trout caught and returned by Throckley angler Simon Hathaway on a Red Bloodworm. Top patterns have been Bloodworm, Cats Whisker, Black Buzzer and Yellow Blob.

JUBILEE TROUT LAKES 01388 772 611 The fishery is closed until Thursday, January 27 when it will re-open for the new season. The fishery is now taking bookings for opening day and for the first weekend open.

KNITSLEY MILL 01207 581 642 The fishery was free of ice early this week and the fishery is well-stocked. Contact the fishery on the above number for the latest prospects.

Anglers should try lures, especially Black, Orange and Green Fritz patterns. Zonkers, Bloodworm, Hare's Ear and Buzzers will also take fish retrieved very slowly.

NAWORTH TROUT FISHERY 07831 862 863 The fishery is now ice-free, but localised heavy rainfall has also brought in lots of water. This has coloured up the fishery but the prospects will improve day by day. Lures should be the pick of the flies, with Cats Whisker, Zonkers, Black and Green lures all worth a try.

SHARPLEY SPRINGS 0191 581 8045 The first 10 anglers arriving on Saturday will get a free Sporting permit. The fishery opens at dawn. The fishery is free of ice and lures such as Dawson's Olive and Yellow Dancer took fish. Buzzers have been hatching off in numbers and trout have been feeding hard on them. Trout were even chasing flies. Fly Box: Black and Brown Buzzer, Bloodworm, Dawson's, Pinkie, Yellow Dancer, Pink and Yellow Blob, Cats Whisker and Black or Olive Fritz. STONEBRIDGE LAKES 01609 748 818 The fishery re-opened for business yesterday. Lures should take plenty trout with Zonkers, Cats Whisker, Dawson's Olive, Fritz patterns all worth a try. Buzzers, Bloodworm and GRHE fished on the drift should also take fish. There is a chance of sport on small dries such as smuts.

WEST HOUSE TROUT LAKES 07836 330 157 Fishery is now open and fishing well. Latest permit prices are: four-hour Sporting pounds 10; All-day Sporting pounds 15; four-hour one fish pounds 12; All-day threefish limit pounds 20; All-day four-fish limit pounds 23. Catch and release thereafter. WITTON CASTLE LAKES 01388 488 691 The fishery re-opened at the weekend. Catch returns were excellent as the trout hadn't seen an anglers fly for over a month. The trout were keen to chase anything that caught their eye. Black and Green Zonkers, Cats Whisker accounted for most fish. Cockfield rod Liam Hardy caught seven trout including an excellent 4lb brown and a 5lb rainbow. Bishop Auckland AC member John Marmsley had the best of the day at 6lb. The fishery is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday until the beginning of March.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 20, 2011
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