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Where is kindness in abortion rights opponents.

Where is kindness in abortion rights opponents

This is a response to a letter from Paula Kurland on June 22 titled "If only...." Ms. Kurland wrote, " ... but, oh, if only you had the right to be born, we would have enlightened you to these virtues of kindness, tolerance and anti-bullying."

I am asking just who this "we" is you are talking about? Are you and other anti-choice activists actually prepared to take on the task of teaching kindness, tolerance and anti-bullying to every child born to mothers who would have chosen not to give birth should you get your way and end access to safe and legal abortions?

How can you and other people who are anti-choice succeed at this task when you have no kindness or tolerance for pregnant women who choose to terminate their pregnancies? In fact, anti-choice activists are the biggest bullies in America today.

Yes, some pregnancies are truly inconvenient and, sadly, others are terminated due to fetal viability or danger to the mother. Terminating these latter pregnancies often close to term are particularly devastating to the women. Where is your kindness in that situation?

Diane Niesman


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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:Jun 29, 2019
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