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Where do I send my idea? SMART, ASP or PS Magazine?

SMART, the Army's Supply and Maintenance Assessment Review Team, is meant to improve logistics support. Soldiers and DoD civilians are encouraged to submit ideas that will save money, time or lives. If the suggestion is accepted, the Army gives the submitter a monetary award based on the value of the suggestion.

A related program, the Army Suggestion Program (ASP), handles ideas that increase efficiency and productivity of the Army in areas other than logistics. The ASP website is:

The question of whether to share an idea free through PS Magazine or to get a possible cash award is one of dollars and sense.

PS advises suggesters to go for the monetary award first. We'll be happy to accept a story idea based on a successful SMART suggestion.

You can submit SMART ideas on the AEPS website:

If sending an email idea, you must include your name, rank, Army component, unit or home address, duty phone number, primary end item NSN, a description of the problem and your recommended solution. If you have pictures, please include them.
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Date:May 1, 2007
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