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Where do I get info on gauges?

Dear Half-Mast,

We were trying to get info on inspecting and calibrating our small arms gauges. We tried to order TB 43-0240, Inspection and Calibration oF Small Arm Gauges, but it was rescinded in 1996. Where should we look?


Dear LT R.T.,

TB 43-0240 was created just for Desert Storm and as you point out was later rescinded. TB 43-180, Calibration and Repair Requirements for the Maintenance of Army Materiel, is the word on calibration of small arms gauges. TB 43-180 is not available in printed form, but only on EM 0022, the CD which contains most of the TMDE regs. Your pubs clerk can order EM 0022 with PIN 074841-000 and IDN 344568.

Small arms gauges can only be calibrated by the five Army TMDE labs. The TB lists their names and addresses. Small arms gauges must be calibrated every 360 days, regardless of whether your unit is Active or Guard or Reserves.

All Army units and activated Guard and Reserve units must have all their small arms gauged by direct support within one year of receiving them. Active units must have all small arms gauged yearly at a minimum, while Guard and Reserve units not on active duty must get their small arms gauged every two years at a minimum. That is the minimum required to assure safety, operability, and reliability of small arms. If you fire your rifle and machine guns frequently, they should be gauged more frequently.

If you have questions about small arms gauging, contact TACOM's Kevin Moore at DSN 793-2359/(309) 782-2359 or email:
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