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Where are the fines for cyclists?

Regarding lifting the cycle ban in Queen Street, Cardiff. Firstly, what cycle ban? There are cyclists riding through Queen Street at every minute of the day and the police do nothing to stop them.

It is illegal to cycle in Queen Street, and there is a statutory fine, but the police don't even bother to stop them.

Cardiff council is proposing this plan for its own benefit. It does not have the resources to enforce the ban on cyclists in Queen Street, so wants to lift it regardless of the danger to pedestrians.

It's a horrible and stressful experience to walk in Queen Street, always being on your guard to avoid bikes. You have to look out all the time; it's worse than crossing a road.

Apparently, some poor cyclists are too scared of the traffic to ride on the roads, so, in their twisted logic, they think it's OK to ride on pavements and pedestrianised areas, but where can pedestrians go to avoid cyclists? You would think a pedestrian precinct!

Well done to the Echo for telling us about this - you have more social responsibility than the council does.

There will inevitably be accidents. We must stop this stupid and short-sighted plan.

J Thomson

St Isan Road, Heath, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 21, 2005
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