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Where To Buy Starbucks' Halloween Frappula.

Starbucks is offering customers the opportunity to get their hands on their limited edition ( Halloween-themed Frappuccino although everyone may still be obsessed with the coffee chain's pumpkin spice latte. The Frappuccino is being sold exclusively for less than one week, ( Delish  reported Thursday.

The drink known as the Frappula - a spin on the name Dracula - is a layered beverage featuring a mocha sauce at the bottom resembling an ink-like substance. It is served with whipped and a white chocolate mocha Frappuccino sitting at the core, which acts as the base of the drink. It is then topped with a dollop of more whipped cream with strawberry puree drizzled on the rim of the cup, which sinks into the drink creating the illusion of dripping blood mixed with an ombre effect.

( Starbucks also sells a Day of the Dead cookie, Mummy Cake pops and even has a Halloween playlist that you can listen to on Spotify, for those looking for a treat to go with the spooky drink.

Starbucks isn't new to Halloween-themed drinks. Back in 2014, the company offered the ( Franken Frappuccino  for a limited time. The base of the drink was a green tea Frappuccino with java chips, peppermint syrup and white mocha sauce mixed in. It was then topped with whipped cream and drizzled with mocha sauce. Although it has not been on the menu in two years, you can still order this drink off the Starbucks secret menu.

The Frappula will be available in participating stores across the U.S. and Canada until Monday. If you miss out on picking up this limited drink, you can still grab one in November. Unlike pumpkin spice, these ingredients will be available year round. Just explain the drink to the barista, including the ingredients, and you can sip on a Frappula any day of the year.

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Date:Oct 27, 2016
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