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Where's the addition? Hard to tell, but it's a whole floor.

Where's the addition? Hard to tell, but it's a whole floor

Almost indiscernible from the street, this discreet remodel gives owners Ellen and Dale Klahn an additional floor of living space and a new entry to their turn-of-the-century house. Raising the roof 5 1/2 feet added enough headroom for a master bedroom, bath, and home office on an upper floor, and a 4-foot push-out made room for an entry with an interior stair.

To make way for the new floor, the old roof was taken off, and 2-by-12 joists spanning the 21-foot-wide house were placed atop the main floor's side-wall plates. The new roof angles up from the joists: facing the street, the hip roof keeps the house from seeming too tall, but behind it dormers provide added headroom.

From the new ground-level entry porch, guests now step into a small hall, then walk up a flight of stairs rather than enter the dining area directly, as before.

Architect Kwan Lam Wong of Albany, California, designed the addition.

Photo: Subtly taller, new roof (right) has same--but steeper--front hip form as before (left). One of two new side-facing dormers shows behind; new front windows look over small porch and relocated front door

Photo: Entry stairs rise to dining area from new hall. Previously unsheltered outside, the now-enclosed stairway expands interior

Photo: New dormer meets ridge beam to make intriguing volumes in top-floor bedroom. Headboard wall separates it from small office
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Date:May 1, 1986
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