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Where's my speed?

I recently purchased an Elite Synergy bow and was very excited to see that Jon Silks had chosen that very bow for a High Grade Bow Report in the June 2015 issue.

The only difference in my setup and the setup you used for testing is arrow weight. The two arrow weights that I tested from my bow were 378 and 403 grains versus the 375- and 425-grain arrows used in the test. I am only shooting 278 fps using the 378-grain arrow and 271 fps using the 403-grain arrow. Any ideas why I'm unable to achieve the numbers that you did? Thanks!

Tripp Josey, via e-mail

PB Responds: Great question, Tripp. There are many variables that can impact the resultant speed we see displayed on the chronograph screen, and it starts with the chronograph itself. I have seen significant deviations (15 fps) from manufacturer to manufacturer and even between two units of the same model, though not as great. Deviations can be expected with any measuring device, including those you use to measure draw weight and arrow weight. We use a calibrated Chattilon Digital Force Gauge and an Easton Digital Grain Scale.

Anything you attach to the string can also impact arrow speed. Did you know there are different sizes of brass nock sets? Or that using serving material to tie a nocking point onto your string instead of using a brass nock set will decrease weight on the string even further for a couple more feet per second?

The arrow you used to measure your speed was three grains heavier than our standard 375-grain test arrow--not much, I know, but put all of these variables together and you can see how they quickly add up.

Gear Testing Editor Jon E. Silks

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Author:Josey, Tripp; Silks, Jon E.
Publication:Petersen's Bowhunting
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Date:Aug 1, 2015
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