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A few months ago, when we combined the old TAPPI JOURNAL and PIMA's Papermaker magazines to form the new Solutions! magazine, we mentioned that we would introduce a new TAPPI peer-reviewed journal at the start of 2002. With that target in mind, we have been scheduling and processing papers and working on additional features for the new publication.

Along the way, the TAPPI Editorial Board requested a delay to allow more opportunity to develop the additional features for the journal. Although peer-reviewed papers will be the primary focus of the new publication, we realized that it can and should offer more, including material that would be exclusive to subscribers. Some of the recurring features being considered and suggested include the following:

* Sidebars to selected papers to provide insights and background information about the authors, about the research, about the references and related studies, and about practical applications of the results

* Research updates and thesis summaries

* Abstracts and occasional reprints of papers published in other countries

* "Classic" papers--significant papers from the past

* Announcements and profiles of award winners and recent doctoral graduates

* Laboratory "tips and tricks," troubleshooting, and problem-solving articles

* Profiles of research institutions--corporate, academic, and others--and the work they are doing

If you have ideas for features and supporting material you would like to see included in the new journal, contact me by email at You can also participate in an online survey that will be posted on TAPPI's website (

In addition, the events of September 11 and subsequent anthrax scares have delayed delivery of TAPPI renewal notices. The renewal forms include an option to subscribe to the new TAPPI peer-reviewed journal. We wanted to be sure everyone would have an opportunity to sign-up for the inaugural issue. If you have not received your renewal form, you can subscribe to the new journal by contacting TAPPI Member Connection at 1 800 332-8686 (USA), 1 800 446-9431 (Canada), or +1 770 446-1400; or by completing the electronic renewal forms on TAPPI's web site ( If you have already renewed your membership, you can still subscribe to the new TAPPI JOURNAL by contacting Member Connection.

The new launch date for TAPPI JOURNAL is March 2002. Papers abstracted in Solutions! magazine in January and February and posted electronically those months will also be printed in full in the first few issues of the new journal.

We appreciate the patience of our authors and subscribers to the new journal.

DONALD G. MEADOWS Senior Editor,
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Title Annotation:Last Word
Author:Meadows, Donald G.
Publication:Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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