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Where's Waldo? Sharp-eyed readers identify the chevrons.

YOU HAVE PROBABLY received some feedback already regarding the photo caption on page 30 of Volume 22 Issue 12 (January 2016 issue) illustrating Frank Reid's "A Crash Course in Peacekeeping."

The picture is not of a Royal Canadian Dragoon Reconnaissance Squadron (Recce Sqn) corporal, as indicated. It is a picture of a Queen's Own Rifles of Canada corporal. The photo was taken on the ridgeline only a short distance west of Battalion HQ overlooking Kyrenia and the Mediterranean to the north. The black on red background chevrons and regimental title are a dead giveaway.

This photograph was probably taken during the summer of 1965 when my 1 QOR of C Recce Platoon was patrolling the Kyrenia mountain range on a daily basis. One of my sergeant patrol commanders at the time just retired as Alberta's lieutenant governor--Don Ethell.

Major General (ret'd) Lewis MacKenzie


Caption: Three other keen observers called in about the misidentification of the regiment in this photo's original caption ("A Crash Course in Peacekeeping" in the January 2016 issue). Read Part 2 of Frank Reid's story on The RCR's 1974 deployment to Cyprus on page 32 of this issue, (DND, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA)


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Author:MacKenzie, Lewis
Publication:Esprit de Corps
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Date:Feb 1, 2016
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