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When you need to work close to weeds.

When you need to work close to weeds A skillful bullfighter works close to the bull; there are occasions when a skillful gardener must work close to his weeds. When a hoe is too clumsy, one of the specialized tools shown here will get the job done and prove less painful than mere fingers. A few of these hand weeders have limited use, but some do many jobs.

The long-handled firm grip or baronet weeder pictured at right costs about $40 from Nicke (see source list on page 214). Crack weeders come in two styles. Smith & Hawken sells the Gardena brand for about $9; you can buy a long handle for it for about $7 more. Nicke's Adlus brand is $7, with a $4.50 handle optional. These tools are excellent for cleaning out debris between deck planks.

Clapper's, Leonard, and Nicke sell Cape Cod weeders for about $9; a slightly heavier version from Gardener's Supply costs $12.50. The Dutch hand weeder or rockery hoe is $8 from Smith & Hawken; a longer-handled hand weeder with a swan neck is $16 at Gardener's Supply. Eliot's hand hoe is $13 at Smith & Hawken. U and V weeders are $3.75 at Nicke.

Hotbed weeders cost $9 at Nicke and Leonard. The potted plant tool (Nicke, $7) is not only a weeder but a useful tool for transplanting seedlings and bonsai. The digger trowel (Nicke, $9) is the largest of three sizes, and stout enough to use in transplanting. The weeder knife (about $12 at Leonard and Smith & Hawken) cuts tough weeds, also trims sod.

Many of these tools are available only through specialists' catalogs or their retail outlets. For free catalogs, write to Clapper's, 1125 Washington St., West Newton, Mass. 02165; Gardener's Eden, Box 7307, San Francisco 94120; Gardener's Supply, 128 Intervale Rd., Burlington, Vt. 05401; A.M. Leonard, Inc., Piqua, Ohio 45356; Walter F. Nicke, Box 433, McLeod Lane, Topsfield, Mass. 01983; or Smith & Hawken, 25 Corte Madera, Mill Valley, Calif. 94941.
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Date:Mar 1, 1988
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