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When you grow the grays, you deal with special effects.

By day, gray foliage is restful on the eyes, By moonlight, at twilight, or in the reflection of ambient light, the gentle glow of silvery plants makes a night garden come to life.

Gray plants can also enhance nighttime safety especially for guests unfamiliar with the route. Carefully chosen and placed, they are both view-makers and guideposts. Use them to line a long, narrow, or twisting driveway; to edge walks; or to emphasize curves or stairs as shown above. One of the most striking uses of silvery plants we've seen is a long, slender drive flanked by white-trunked birches and a thick band of gray-blue Aeonium rosettes. When headlights hit them, the silvery white plants provide natural night lighting that guides you to home base.

If the colors in your annual or perennial flower borders seem at odds, adding an edge or accents of gray can pull them into harmony. You can also plant grays in large containers.

Most silvery plants thrive with little water or care once established, and are seldom bothered by pests. They generally thrive best with bright sun, good drainage, and little or no fertilizer. In cold-winter climates, check to be sure plants are frosthardy in your area. Cut plants back after bloom, whenever foliage looks shabby, and as needed to control size. Foliage and flowers from tall, shrubby kinds are often exceptionally long-lasting in bouquets. Flowers often look most striking cut and used as buds instead of open blooms.
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Date:Oct 1, 1989
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