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THE highlight of my day seems to be retrieving the bins after emptying. If this is to be my future then I think I might just consider a bottle of scotch and the mess webley.

The mundanity of retirement has finally sunk in. Three years now and I had thought I had it nailed, not so. It is all a bit dull and boring. I say this after finding my old army discharge papers.

Reading through them, one short sentence stuck out: "A resourceful and competent tradesmen, who will tackle and complete any job within the limits of his training in the most adverse of conditions." It is the last bit, adverse of conditions.

In the mob, working in a blinding rainstorm the freezing cold and howling wind was quite normal, as was being ankle deep in mud and in the pitch black of a creepy Teutonic forest at 02:00hrs, all quite normal, what constitutes adverse escapes me.

I suppose a combination of all three along with sleep deprivation, hunger and smelling like a sumo wrestler's jockstrap didn't help. Not that I miss any of that...I lie, perversely I do.

Looking back it was some of the most life affirming stuff I ever did, a challenge, something to overcome. How now, 40 years or so later, I ever survived god only knows.

When I read of some ditzy, man bun wearing hipster moaning that it is too cold in his climate controlled office, or such like, it makes me wonder if the human race will survive and will the gene pool become so watered down by unadaptable misanthropes that we will go the same way as the dinosaurs and Trabants.

The Days of Pearly Spencer have come home to roost. Where once we were a nation of innovative forward thinkers and go getters, we have now morphed into a tribe of social media savvy, TV reality, mobile phone staring, electronic loving clones.

Many years ago I offered to get an apprenticeship for my eldest son. His answer will follow me to the grave: "No thanks dad, I don't want to come home every night looking like you".

I was helping to install 3-1000ton presses in a car components factory. Easy options are us, the new slogan for today's youth.

I wander out to the front gate and slowly walk back, dragging one black and one purple wheelie bin. Open the side gate, park them up, lock up and close the front door behind me. It is now 08:10hrs, now what? Tony Levy, Wednesfield

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 19, 2019
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